(sub)urban soundcheck.

Caspian – The Four Trees [2007 – Dopamine]
June 27, 2009, 6:29 pm
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1. Moksha – 9:08
2. Some Are White Light – 5:26
3. Sea Lawn – 5:23
4. Crawlspace – 7:38
5. Book Nine – 5:54
6. The Dropsonde – 2:05
7. Brombie – 5:58
8. Our Breaths in Winter – 3:23
9. The Dove – 3:05
10. ASA – 7:17
11. Reprise – 5:14

“The Four Trees, the first full-length album from the Massachusetts-based group, combines nearly every sound from post-rock into one album that flows coherently and logically. From ambient, textural drones to hard hitting riffs a la Pelican, The Four Trees breezes from style to style effortlessly…they show a mastery of the sound their idols laid out before them, making a listenable, cohesive album in the midst of multiple epics. Unlike their contemporaries, Caspian’s music is not particularly moody. One can listen to it at almost any time.” – Tyler Fisher

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