(sub)urban soundcheck.

Shuta Hasunuma – Pop Ooga Plus [2009 – Western Vinyl]
June 28, 2009, 2:46 pm
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1. United Tee – 1:17
2. Soul Osci – 5:31
3. Vol Struggle – 1:41
4. Field Trip – 4:31
5. Triooo – 4:49
6. Power Osci – 4:13
7. The Play – 3:38
8. The Play Pt. 2 – 2:52
9. New Attitude – 5:42
10. 2 Become 1 – 2:59
11. Barr Barr – 4:28
12. Flying Love – 9:34

“This stands as something of a counter to several of Hasunuma’s contemporaries, who favor jagged cut-offs and aborted melodies and thus set up glitch as a genre of antithesis. Pop Ooga Plus, however willing to playfully misdirect a listener with detours, is nurturing melodies by testing them and watching them grow. Hasunuma seems to understand that glitch doesn’t necessarily have to be about blasting listener expectations about the traditional. It can also be about revamping traditionalism to better fit the fractured, polytonal, heteroglossic music listener to whom this music has naturally gravitated. Melodies are turned fractal, interpreted, and tiered…Refreshing, too, to hear Pop Ooga Plus‘ plea to instate glitch as a cornerstone of pop in the 2000s as opposed to Herren’s extreme self-surgery. Herren’s exiled himself; it may end up an artist with Hasunuma’s sort of potential for cross-demographic appeal who decides if glitch remains concretized or if it’s plotted for new spaces.” – Conrad Amenta

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