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The Mercury Program – A Data Learn the Language [2002 – Tiger Style]
June 28, 2009, 3:36 pm
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1. Tequesta – 7:38
2. Fragile or Possibly Extinct – 7:19
3. Slightly Drifting – 6:24
4. Egypt – 4:52
5. To/From Iceland – 5:41
6. You Yourself Are Too Serious – 5:23
7. Gently Turned on Your Head – 4:03
8. Sultans of el Sur – 5:46

“The third album by Florida-based quartet Mercury Program is a small departure, eliminating vocals entirely and adding electronics for the first time to what had previously been a richly acoustic, almost jazzy sound. The band is still centered around Whitney Travisano’s electric piano and vibraphone (guitarist Tom Reno and drummer Dave LeBleu also add vibes to several songs), which gives A Data Learn the Language a cool, mellow feel, like the Sea and Cake reinterpreting their favorite Modern Jazz Quartet sides. The electronics and loops are introduced sparingly, supporting the eight lengthy songs and adding new and interesting textures, but never becoming the center of musical attention…it’s consistently melodic, rhythmically varied, and unfailingly listenable.” – allmusic